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Syahrini was born at Bogor, August 1, 1982

Syahrini known as new comer singer. Debut album second child of three children was released in the year 2008 with my lovely header. The girl who was born in Bogor, August 1, 1982 relying on the song Liar from the album My Lovely.

Before releasing the album My Lovely, Rini, so call legal scholars from the University Pakuan Bogor, has joined the compilation album CHOCOLATE STROBERI movie with the title track Love's gaze.

Successful debut album, in May 2009 Syahrini will release his second album. But the singles champion, Dizziness Half Dead will be released prior to May 2009. Different from the previous album, Dizzy is Half Dead Syahrini own creation.

Although starting a new in the entertainment world, but be brave enough Syahrini tried other fields, besides singing so far they do. In 2009, he tested his acting skills through the film THE Maling KUBURANS.

Syahrini pertained artists who dare to appear sensual every gig. Backed by a crisp and melodious voice, sang the song with a sigh Syahrini pampered. Style dresses are always sexy.

Name Syahrini increasingly skyrocketed in the world of music when Anang Hermansyah invited to sing a duet latest Anang, Do not Select Me. Rumor closeness between them started to emerge thanks to Sam kissed the back Syahrini in one of their concerts. Together Anang, Syahrini also starred in several ad

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Eva Celia ( Sophia Latjuba Son's )

On the world is not new to Eva. Eva grows on the environment, because Eva is also director and producer nephew movie houses, Mira Lesmana. Eva stamp on the age of 8 years, when playing as a guest star in an FTV with Adjie Massaid and Ayu Azhari, and his mother, Sophia Latjuba Prima Entertainment production.

Eva was selected as the best players play the movie "Out of the Smoke." A short film in the High / Scope Junior High School Festival, 2006, when he was still in school High Scope Jaksel.

In addition act, Eva also provides soap and herbal medicine products, also with his mother. Currently, Multivision Plus by a patron, entitled Sobrina. In these endeavors Eva playing with Ricky Aaron, the son of Donna Aaron. After release from Multivision Plus, he also invited Sinemart and start work with Sinemart play in the patron Chemistry So daughter. In the days that he compete on the senior artists such as Rima Melati and cannon Bellina.


* Sobrina (SCTV)
* Chemistry So Putri (NTI)
* Touching lover (NTI)


* GIV Soap
* Herbal Medicine Reject Wind Child
* Rexona Teen
* Suzuki Karimun Estilo
* Fruit Tea Sosro
* Shampoo Emeron
* Softex

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Intan Nuraini

Nuraini diamond is a star artist and patron ads that will display himself as the author. Even shortly he will soon enter the world of drag voice. Is the doldrums, make him work, make them blind?

Intan Nuraini, 21 years old, is one of the young stars berparas beautiful and fresh. Friendly, warm and cloudless, is the effect arising from the noose girls prospective Indonesian Literature degree, University of Indonesia. Enthusiasts roads and watching movies this middle-age nursing ladder with dewasanya extend and expand the number of the profession. After the ads and patron, children advance sound Christina Aguilera, Nike and the Extreme proclaim themselves as writers, and shortly he will enter the world of drag voice.

I love questions, the women's intimate disapa Intan this can not be successful. This means, from the experience formed a three-time love with the three men, nothing lasts eternal. In asmaranya relationship with actor Syahrul Gunawan terpaut the age of 9 years older than the current Intan aged 20 years, nearly to the gates of marriage. Say, the presence of "another woman's dream" to the base of disintegration of the relationship the two pesinteron knit from located syuting love.

As the experience of what court you?
Do not know why, in every court sealu I imagined a wedding. First, the court, was nominated for her relationship with him to get to marriage ha ha ha ... in that time and he's still junior. Likewise, the high school, I'm with the realities of contemporary guy, I imagined by this relationship will be brought up to the wedding. But also fail to happen. Age factor may be that we are still young, our ego is still high relations so difficult to be maintained. Our relationship only survive four years.

Listen, listen, kandasnya relationship because you love the presence pesinetron Syahrul Gunawan?
Not a game. Only, indeed, mantanku was not too pleased with the entertainment world. Therefore, my wishes was to be accompanied by his location in syuting, just as it wishes. Until at a time, I play in a patron with Syahrul. Can not be finished, he moved into the CIA because we share so that each patron one day meet. Nevertheless, writers have not depart from pacarku. I even tell if my eks boyfriend Syahrul to disclose the sense the same like. My Purpose is talk with the expectation pacarku be more watchful to maintain it. But the fact is he showed even more with the same like attitude is not entertainment world. So what happened then, I invented with Syahrul, he ...

Easy course you receive love, yes. It easily turn?
The process is also long. Approach to a year, too. May also be because he's older and has more experience. Tricks to make any approach more magnate. "It is with the former my boyfriend that age, he ...

Relations with the love you Syahrul also eventually disband. In each you have to plan weddings. What is there another woman?
Attendance to three people, I do not want to discuss. Relations court for almost two years, it was not a guarantee of a relationship can be eternal and can be pointed to the wedding. If we do not end the relationship continues, may be behind it there is the will of God that I better make. This means, before we really prepare for the Israeli to the wedding, earlier indicated that he was not the best for me. But, I sernpat experienced disappointment in the very.

That is, I discouraged?
The problem, and he's currently in a relationship that is good only. Suddenly he decided the relationship without giving any reason. Of course I'm shocked and confused, because I do not have a problem and did not have one. Of course, I experienced disappointment in the Attitude that he does not have to make gentle heart I'm broken. However, this does not make me discouraged.

The meaning of loyalty to you?
It must be true. Maintain the posture means the faithful, to keep the eyes and hearts. The most important must be sure that most everything is a partner own. If all that we can grasp, no reason to turn away.

Are you a trauma together?
Baseball people and baseball ngaruh. Even I can see that the event did not make it soluble in the injured liver. I can still run and finish the job properly, and even more productive with cliff-cliff even begin to change.

Wisdom that can be quoted from the way you love?
That the relationship partner for eternity, it is necessary that the communication is good, openness, understanding, sincerity and loyalty. Meaning faithful here means that the faithful in commitment, though not with the speech.

Maybe you have a plan to pour love story to you in writing?
I also want to. Moreover entertainment world, I want to make a note of protest, because it is very interesting. In a lot of competition, more and more topical basa intrigue.

If not know, men such as what can make you fall in love?
For fun with a lakilaki, make it is not easy. However, I tend to prefer men who are not smoker, relayed tutus, steadfast and resistant rock. He surrendered abstinence approach me, despite various obstacles prevented. It shows how big and strong, held to love me. If the physical, ideally, it is not too white, high and sharp nose. But from that bygones, but not all in accordance with my dream, ha, ha, ha ...

Meaning men that you create your own?
Attachment of life, always accompany me, and always present in the near me in my every need.

What you views about marriage?
To enter into marriage means that people are not selfish, willing to share and to focus on his family. For directions to the wedding of the mental preparation required, no commitment from the refuse, saving money is not soon enough to pester the family or other people.

You have a target married?
Gives the age of 25 years I have been to remove the single. At that age, according to my taste has been steady, because it is satisfied Stop career and has been running well.

Behind the face of frequent tirusnya left plain, so it imply greenery age, it not only save the amount of talent, but he also has a view of adult life properly. Even the most glaring is its rural about sex and sexual relations, then pour it into a short story titled "Mae."
Photographers first elements of a successful entry sex and enliven the content of the book collection of works of photographers a number of Indonesian literature student from the University of Indonesia titled "Batak", which recently launched. Ber-cliff story is about a woman named Mae aged care-san years working in the parlor and peregangan muscle due Eroticism.

Serious writings that nearly balanced elements of humor, but he was able to come up with the elegant. Can be beautiful works of tulisnya nan is associated with kegemarannya reading since age children. Moreover, children advance books works Djenar Maesa Ayu, and Pramoedya Ananta Toer is sharpening talent from since he wrote in elementary school. And to support the factory that was converted as the powerful authors calculated that, Intan also deliberately choose areas of Indonesia after high school literature.

To you yourself, when inspiration came to write it?
I usually appear inspiron in the atmosphere surrounding my deserted, and it happened on the night. As an example the creation of values that I include in the book short story collection process is four hours, starting write ten hours of night and finished two hours of the night. The process of writing my alarm, when the inspiration came to be poured directly into the paper and I lost an effort not to. Because so delayed, the paper would never be finished.

Ok. Short story about "Mae" inspired from their own, not personal experience I?
Cliff is not as inspired to see or experience something personal. But the figures "Mae" girl carpenters lulur teens years in the cliff that I had when I can dilulur are in a salon. But I'm not recording his story. However, turbulence massage, with the calm atmosphere in lintasi smoke aroma therapy Clan when I feel very relaxing I think, suppose that women rub me this was a lesbian, oh how he memegangi body senangnya a number of women that he had lulur. Ideas like that originally. But why he likes to and from touching the body under which he lulur women and it should be the background. Now, the background that I created themselves. But unfortunately, photographers in the book I was not even written in full. There are sections that I consider important, has cutting. in there for the location of the problem. Because of the problems is that I want to tell the readers.

Can you tell the story as fully and do what you want to tell readers?
Leaders called Mae is my description of a remote hamlet of women who experience life "confined" from her father have reincarnate as the overprotective parents against him, youngest daughter. Attitude is the father of some, daughter sulungnya, Zubaedah was examined merenggang lives due to be raped. Events drag it to the father in the valley of fear. I fear Mae will experience the same event with older children. Inevitably, Mae is finally getting indoctrination from his father that the male is a monster worthy promising. It is this background that establish themselves Mae and the fear is close to the men. Impact, Mae became only inflame when in contact with women. Libidonya and that during this clot and restrained, melt away once it came to Jakarta as pelulur.

You disappointed?
Not a game. I only regret it, because the story is not intact. Only, I think, there may be other considerations from the editor or publisher. But indeed, if I see the values that I tend to linger and novelet because "in". However, the event so I was interested to develop more stories Mae, that will make it if possible or a serial novel in the magazine.

In the short story that you write about sexual relations in a clear and sufficient depth. Where you and the extent of knowledge about sex?
Knowledge about sex may be the first from the house. More precisely convey the parents. I should be grateful, in the family, for education, especially concerning sex knowledge is not important to ask. But of course there are limitations-limitations. The Funny ones, I a tend to reveal or ask questions about sex on the father. Perhaps because that is in the house when I asked about the beginning it is the father.

What is the definition of sex according to you?
Especially since I make my gender course know that the more sex related to sex itself. That there are differences between men and women in terms of biological.

What you hope or obsession from the world of writing?
With education background literature Indonesia, soon I want to be in the advertising copy writer or writing scenarios. So there is still a disconnect with the world of entertainment that now I passed. Because, I was the knowledge that I can not applied. Options work later that there kaftan work with my father in the advertising bureau. I see people in the bureau and the Man in the magazine do not work behind desks, not clothes to Stop the workers.

If so, whether there is a possibility you will throw the world keartisan to realize that you desire?
Do I not want to leave the world of entertainment. In fact, from the world I want to my acting on a much more mature. Fortunately, can thank awarded, which means aktingku recognized. While the world of tennis that I terjuni are now, I'm not targeting anything. Meanwhile, education, I make sure that at the beginning of the year 2007 a degree must successfully achieve it. I was inginnya the opportunity to enjoy the entertainment, because it is in love with this world. And again, that can not be finished, the world's entertainment earnings, which provide sufficient quantity.

Effects ruler mumpung I was. Star Man, patron, author and tennis. What you think?
I've If the ruler, I would have been playing in the big screen. Even patron-patron I can be counted with the fingers. Now, after participating in production in two days, I have not received a job again. Actually I do not want to work too ngoyo. In the sense that, until I find or to offer themselves. I accept your bid if I feel great. As a matter of whose example, singer fact, I am home. It is also not serious. But I think without, in any event when the anniversary artist, I'm consulted to sing. It seems that there observes voice and I
be good. From there I offered a recording.

Good folks, you can bid up easy!
Here it is, an assessment of the arrival of a set of other people. I'm not the narsis the same. And who'll come from artist management, which is known as a diva produce, such as Ruzsa. According to me, this means that people will know and understand someone's talent, experience and capabilities because it is reliability. So when the bids came to recording, I like the challenges faced by a new, that I decline means that I chicken dong! It was indeed like a challenge.

Kok has not been to the big screen?
Then I had to go through the process promises to the big screen and have to discuss the budget. Just because the schedule syuting overseas, and I should leave college, it's very heavy for me. Once thought, oh it syuting abroad, surely I can experience that will be increasingly more. I had a disease, between career and study. Finally, I think again and again remember the commitment of parents and yourself, that's entry into the entertainment world record will not delay matters of education. Obsession that I want to first do indeed want to pass the course. Because it is also the demand of parents who allow me to jump the world record entertainment with education is not neglected. So later after the lecture, in which I no burden, I also want to play movies.

Ok. And how parents role of the career you, whether they get involved decided that job come?
In essence, the decision is in my hands. But, every time I get the bid, I delivered directly to the parents. We discuss it. If my heart is comfortable with the job, so of course I accept.

How do you manage the revenue you?
So far, I compiled on the set of parents, because I'm not clever to manage money. Because parents help manage, I have a home, buy a car, and for the costs of course.

The last question, how it again if not busy with work?
I have a routine to the salon for hair and skin care. I love to play in the time zone. If you hear music at home, watching a DVD or sister to the mall together.

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