Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rahma Azhari - HOT and SEXY

Back photographs of the artist Rahma Azhari spread on the internet. This is not the image PDT, but the images show Rahma middle men posing with a hot thing.

There are seven photos circulating on the Internet. Seven image consists of various styles. In the first photo, for example, will appear Rahma smooch with a female thing.

In the next image, the mother of a child that two men appear to be embraced. Men first thing that a certain kind of face, holding the stomach Rahma. One other man who seems to have aged more than 40 years appear to embrace the artist section from the other side. Rahma also seen in bergelayut cordial.

In the third photo, pose Rahma really hot. He be embraced from behind by a man thing, which is quite handsome face.

The remaining four photos, only shows Rahma posing with the middle sister, Sarah Azhari. Rahma seen clubbing the middle, leopard motif shirt.

Feedback Rahma about the photo section is represented by authorized Secarpiandy. Barbate lawyers that the people who disseminate the photographs to the Internet clients intend to kill the characters.

"Maybe the murder of a character, so that our clients dijauhin people," he said when contacted Tuesday (22/1/2008).

Secarpiandy also reject speculate whether the two men, posing with the thing that Rahma, a father of the child clients. As is known, the former husband Rahma, Rauf revealed that the wife is pregnant digugatnya divorce a man from the original United States.

"I I I. Who signals (tax-red), he must prove, "he explained.

Source: PaintedLow

Jakarta Family Azhari famous love scene make the news. This time turn Rahma Azhari. Sister, Sarah Azhari is clubbing together with the husband, Alfay Rauf.

Both of them enjoy the music boom in the Blowfish, Menara Jamsostek floor, 29, Jl Gatot Soebroto General, South Jakarta. Time shows at 02.30 wib, Sunday (4/11/2007) early days.

Suddenly, a woman came as the lovers Rauf. Feeling disturbed, and Rahma Rauf ask the women to leave their desks. She then called his friends.

There was what is called the Rahma as pengeroyokan. According to lawyers Rahma, Secarpiandy, the event took place very quickly.

"Morning was making Revenance Rahma, not persecuted, by about 5 people, girl 2, boyfriend 3," said Secarpiandy when detikhot contacted by phone genggamnya, Sunday (4/11/2007).

Rahma have a bruise-bruised. On the right arm, right thigh, also have left. After that, then do it in the vise Hospital in Jakarta.

Wib 05.00 hrs, the mother of one child reported the incident to the Mapolda Metro Jaya. Rahma is Secarpiandy, the sister Ayu Azhari and Hajar Azhari, is also a friend.

What's behind overwrite seeing the birth of 17 September 1981 is? Hello, boss of a private television involved in this incident. Really? (Dit / fjr)

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